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I've always been obsessed with photographs.  

Photos have always been so near + dear to me. I love looking back and catching that glimpse into the past. I love to see how much is the same; or how much is different.   Photography brings me joy simply because I LOVE the way it captures life as we live it.

 i want to capture that for you. 

I want you to have something to look back on. Something to remember this precious time of your life. I want to give you something that can bring back the joy, the love, the emotion, and the blessings in your life as they are right this second. I want to give you something that your kids can treasure forever. Something that maybe your great, great grandchildren can fascinate about when they realize that they share that same left cheek dimple with you. A photograph is so much more than just what you see. It's a simple memory frozen in time.

It's our story.  now, let's capture yours. 

the Story package


35 edited images via an online gallery + print release
relaxed time setting 
USB included

the Memory package


10 edited images via an online gallery + print release
twenty minute session

ready to capture your story?

shoot me a message by clicking the button below or email shannatruephotography@aol.com

I look forward to hearing from you!