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Booking | Hours + Dates

regular sessions ∙ weddings ∙ blackout dates

regular sessions

Since I work a full-time job during the week, my hours are as follows:

November - February

  •  Sessions will take place on Sunday evenings with occasional Saturday evenings available. Saturday's are extremely limited. This is due to Daylight Savings Time - I do not have enough sunlight after work to do weekday sessions. This will stay in effect until Daylight Savings Time begins. 

March - October 

  • Sessions will take place during weekday (Mon-Thursday) evenings after 5:30 p.m. A small limited amount of Sunday evenings are available. I do not have any Saturdays available during this time period. This schedule begins once Daylight Savings Time begins. 

Exact hours will vary depending on sunset times for each month. All weekday sessions will take place after 5:30 p.m.. 

Check with me on exact hours of the date of your choosing to find out what works best for everyone involved. . 


As I work a full-time job, weddings must take place on Saturday or Sundays, unless it is a destination wedding & I am given plenty of time to take off work. 

I only take a limited amount of weddings each year and only one per month. 

If you are interested in using me as your photographer, please get me your wedding date ASAP to see if I am available.

 Black out dates are listed below in which I will absolutely not be available due to other commitments. These could change at any time. 

black-out dates 

Black-Out Dates are dates or periods of time in which I already have other commitments scheduled outside of photography and therefore will not be available. I will always have the most current year listed. These commitments are usually around the same period of time each year, but may vary. Always check with me on a date that you have in mind.

2020 Black-Out Dates Set

January 9-12  Conference

April 30-May 1

May 15-17  Spring Meet

May 22-25 

June 5-14   Boyle Co. Fair

August 12-16  State Fair

October 16-18  Fall Meet

November 25-29  Thanksgiving Break

December 21- January 3   Closed for Christmas 

All  information listed above is subject to change at any time.