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questions + answers

General Questions 

Do you have a studio? What are your business hours?

♥ I do not have a studio at this time! I currently work a full-time job (which I love + has excellent benefits!) during the weekdays so all of my sessions are scheduled outside of that and are all on-location. While I would love to have a studio someday, it is not in the cards at this time! 

From March - October (During Daylight Savings Time), sessions are mainly scheduled on weekday evenings after 6 p.m. 

From November - February, Sessions will be scheduled on weekends with Sunday afternoons being scheduled first with limited Saturday's being available. 

However, we will do our best to find a date + time that works for everyone! 

What types of sessions do you offer?

♥ I offer a variety of sessions, although I mainly specialize in families, couples, weddings, & seniors. Check out my investment page for more information on the type of sessions I offer, or shoot me an email and we'll discuss what the best fit for you would be! 

* note - Being that I do not have a studio, I do not regularly offer newborn sessions, unless it is a lifestyle type of session. 

I also do not offer birth or fresh 48 photography at this time, although I can point you towards someone who can!

What is included in a session?

♥ Every session includes the time and talent of the photographer, the time i spend hand-crafting each image, along with an online gallery with the final, edited images for download. Clients have the option to purchase a USB drive as well, if it is not included in their chosen package.  

How long does a session last?

♥ Each session is different! Unless noted, full sessions have a relaxed time frame in which we decide what is best for you or your family. We are there to play and capture memories! Every individual, couple, or family is so vastly different so I do not want to limit our time together. We will continue to shoot until you are ready to be done! 

Can I bring props or pets? 

♥ Absolutely! It's important to me that you love your photos + I know that sometimes you have a cherished item or pet that you may want to include in your photos. You are welcome to bring anything that you'd like to use in your photos - so long as the item or animal is not dangerous or illegal. I'm a HUGE pet person (especially dogs!), so I would LOVE to meet your own furry pet! Please get with me before hand so that we can plan our session accordingly. Also, please be mindful of the public + bring a leash to ensure that your pet does not get away from us as well as a place for the pet to be kept if we do any photos without it. It's important that your pet is safe at all times!

What should we wear?

♥ My best suggestion about clothing choices is to look on www.pinterest.com for color coordination ideas. If you are doing a family session, I suggest picking out an outfit for the hardest person to dress first. Once you have done that, use the colors in that outfit to dress the other members of the family. Be mindful when choosing a lot of patterns to make sure they don't clash, and keep the season of the year in mind as well. I personally would not wear matching shirts and would mix and match the colors to make the photo pop. Also, I'd avoid neon colors as much as possible and accessories can be your best friend! If you plan to display these photos in your home in the form of large prints or canvas', I suggest picking outfits that will look good all year round. (example: I'd stay away from actual Christmas sweaters, and wear fall colors instead.) However, these are just my suggestions! the most important thing is that you and your family wear what y'all feel comfortable in and dress for the look that you're going for! These are your memories and it's important that they reflect you and your personality! 

What if I lose my photos?

♥ I highly recommend that you back your photos up as soon as you download them! Once you download them to your computer, please copy them to a USB drive, external hard drive, disk, or an online storage website for safe keeping. I recommend copying them at least one of the extra ways, however, it would be beneficial to copy two or more extra ways. I guarantee to keep your photos for at least the next 6 months after our session unless in situations beyond my control (stolen, act of god, etc) - however I can not guarantee that I will have them indefinitely. If you do lose your copy, please ask me and I'll do my best to restore them, but please note that I can not guarantee it. 

Style                                                               Booking Process

What do you consider 'your style'?

♥ I love color - so you will notice brighter colors in my edits, although i'm not a 'light and airy' photographer. i also love a slight matte finish for all my photos. I occasionally edit based on the theme or feel of the session or wedding when possible. An example of this was my aunt's wedding was very vintage feeling, so i edited with that regard. Most all of my clients photos are edited very similar to previous photos, but please remember that not all locations or lighting are exactly alike. 

How do I book?

♥ Booking is SUPER easy with me! You can start by viewing the investment page and getting an idea of what pricing you are interested in. If you have questions about this - please email me! After you have an idea of what you are needing - message me and we will decide on a date + time that works for everyone involved. Once we have a date + time worked out, I will then send you the links for you to sign the contract + pay the retainer. Doing both of these quickly, puts you on my calendar and saves your date! It's super easy! 

Pricing & Payment Options                                Travel 

What do you charge?

♥ I feel like I'm very reasonable for our area! You can find my pricing by clicking the investment tab above. I have 2 packages for regular sessions and 4 collections for weddings. I occasionally offer select mini sessions; I usually post those details on social media so keep your eye out! Hopefully this covers a wide range of budgets and allows anyone to get professional photos of their family or special event! 

What payment options do you have?

♥ you can pay by credit/debit through my square link that I will send you whenever you are ready to book. I also accept cash. I no longer accept personal checks. I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

Will you travel?

♥ I sure will! All of my session fees include travel to any location within Boyle County or surrounding counties. If needed, there may be a mileage charge of $0.50 per mile added to the session fee. Locations may be required to be public property if we have not met before. Safety is always the first priority for both you and I. 

Would you be willing to travel for a destination wedding?

♥ Oh, that would be my dream - so yes! For destination weddings, the Client would be required to pay 100% of my travel & rooming instead of paying a mileage fee. This would all be worked out together to make ensure that everything goes according to plan! 

Wedding Questions                                          Delivery

Do you also provide videography services?

♥ At this time, I do not. A wedding is such a hectic, but wonderful day and I want to solely focus on making sure I document your day with photography. I do not mind to work with one if you should hire one though. 

Do you have an assistant or second shooter to come with you?

♥ I do have a second shooter that would love to help me document your wedding, should you opt for the package with two photographers. In certain cases - or due to certain dates - I may not have anyone available to help. If you're interested in having two photographers, please get with me asap so I can communicate with her on the dates and times. 

How long does it take to receive our photos?

♥ I know how excited you are to get your photos & I try to deliver as quick as I can! I work a full-time job during the week, volunteer as the pageant director for our local fair board & as a committee member for the state fair board, plus take care of a house/husband/dog... so I stay pretty busy. Due to staying busy, it takes me a bit longer to finish galleries than I'd prefer. I ask for 3-6 weeks for turnaround on regular sessions & 8-12 weeks for weddings.  I do try to deliver earlier than stated (usually 2-3 weeks for regular sessions), however, during busy seasons this may not be possible. Busy seasons for me are April-June (due to the fair) and September-November (Fall). I do strive to deliver as quick as possible + will absolutely provide you with your gallery as soon as they are finished! Thank you for your patience ♥

How are our photos delivered?

♥ All sessions will receive an online gallery with the final, edited images for easy downloading. Unless it comes free with your session package, you may also purchase a usb drive from me with your photos in addition to the online gallery. The online gallery provides you with a link so that you may easily share your photos with your friends + family! 

Do you give digitals?

♥ Yes! Absolutely! I try my hardest to run my business with the mindset of myself as a customer. So, since I LOVE digitals myself - it is a definite must to provide my clients with digitals. All of my sessions receive an online gallery with the final, edited images for easy download. You also have the option to purchase a usb drive to receive your photos on in addition to the online gallery! 

How many photos do we receive?

♥ The chosen session package will tell you how many photos that you will receive. You will choose that amount from a proofing gallery. You may also purchase additional images or remainder of the gallery at a set fee. Weddings come with unlimited edited images. 

Will our photographs be watermarked? 

♥ Social media photos may sometimes be watermarked with my logo, however, I would never give you photos to print with my logo on them! 

Will we get the copyright to our photos?

♥ No. I will absolutely provide you with a print release, but I will not release 'copyright' to the photos. The difference in this is that I own the actual copyright for the photos + may use them as our contract together entails. The print release, however, allows you to use your photos in certain ways - printing infinity amounts of prints, creating canvases or other print products, etc - but you are not allowed to sell them, edit them, or use them in any way that would be damaging to me or my business. 

Can I get the unedited photos that you didn't include?

♥ Unfortunately, they are not available. As I cull my images, I get rid of the images that are duplicates, blurry, or distorted. The rest are images that I edit & deliver to you for you to choose from! With that said, I will never deliver any unedited photos to my clients. All raw images are for my use only. I'm sorry! Trust me, the images that you receive will be beautiful! 

What do I need to do with my downloaded images?

♥ It is imperative that you back up your photos. Once you download them to your computer, please be sure to also copy them to a USB drive, external hard drive, disk, or an online storage website for safe keeping. I recommend copying them at least one of the extra ways, however, it would be beneficial to copy two or more extra ways. I guarantee to keep your photos for at least the next 6 months after our session unless in situations beyond my control (stolen, act of god, etc) - however I can not guarantee that I will have them indefinitely. If you do lose your copy, please ask me and I'll do my best to restore them, but please note that I can not guarantee it. 

Printing & Print Products                                  Rescheduling or Cancelling

Can I print my photos myself?

♥ Yes! I will provide you with a print release which allows you to print your photos wherever you would like or as many times as you like. You can also use your photos for photo gifts (calendars, canvas', holiday cards, etc) as you'd like. 

What does the print release allow me to do?

♥ The print release allows you to print or use your photos for self-use only. This means that you can make as many prints as you'd like or you can use them for to create photo gifts. You may also use them on social media or websites. You may not edit or alter the photographs in any way. Nor may you resale or use the manner in any way that would exploit or cause malicious representation towards me or my company. 

Where should I print my photos?

♥ While I do offer quality print products through my lab, I do not require it. I highly recommend using www.mpix.com for personal printing as the quality is excellent and the pricing is affordable, although you may print your photos at any retail photo lab. However, I can not guarantee, nor am I liable, for the color or quality from any other consumer lab. If you'd like to order through me or need help ordering prints at all - please contact me and I'll do whatever I can to help you! 

Can I get print products made through you?

♥ Sure! I work with an excellent professional lab to guarantee that you LOVE your products. Also, by printing through me - you can guarantee that your images are cropped specifically for the photo sizes that you need and will avoid having anyone's limb cut off from automated cropping. If you're interested, contact me for more details and to get a product + pricing list!

Can I reschedule my session?

♥ I completely understand that things happen sometimes. If something comes up + you are not able to make our scheduled session, you may reschedule a session one time for no reason. After the first time, if you ask to reschedule the second session with any reason that isn't covered in the contract, you may be required to forfeit your retainer and will be required to pay a new retainer depending on the circumstance. Please let me know ASAP if you need to cancel so that we can determine the best path to go on. 

What happens if the weather prevents our shoot? 

♥ Not having a studio means that I am completely dependent on the weather. I will watch the weather closely to see if we should reschedule. If we need to reschedule due to weather - I will let you know ASAP and it will not count against you. I will work with you every step of the way to find a date and time to reschedule to that works for both of us. If we simply can't work out a new date - I will gladly refund you the retainer amount. 

What do we do if someone gets sick?

♥ I understand sickness - it's never something someone wants to deal with. If someone within your family falls sick on the day of our shoot - please get with me ASAP so that we can work on rescheduling  your session for a new day. 

What if you are unable to do my shoot?

♥ I will do everything in my power to provide you with the service you paid for. However, things do happen and there is always a chance that I may not be able to be there. If such a thing happens - and you are not willing or able to reschedule for a new date - I would refund you 100% of what you have paid. 

I have to cancel, can I get my money back?

♥ The retainer is non-refundable if you choose not to reschedule and the reason for cancelling is not covered in the contract. However, I will do my best to help you figure out a new date in which the retainer can be transferred to. Please contact me ASAP if you believe you need to reschedule or cancel your session so that we can decide what the best plan of action would be. 


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