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Jun 21, 2019
Just give me ten minutes...

That's basically what I told my husband a month ago... 

when I was trying to convince him to let me take family photos of us while we were sitting at a restaurant on the lake with some friends. Our friends agreed that we needed some photos done. Jonathan said if I could get it all ready, he'd agreed to take a photo. I asked for ten minutes. I'm a photo fanatic by birth. I've loved photography since I can remember walking - my husband, on the other hand, hates having his photo taken. I'm lucky to get one or two photos a year for our Christmas card. 

The real reason I wanted photos done so soon? Our goldendoodle, Otto, was scheduled to get his hair cut for the first time in the 8 months that we had had him, and I LOVED his long, fluffy hair. So, naturally, I wanted some cute family photos with him before his haircut as I had no clue what to expect once it was cut. Thankfully, I had bought a remote for my camera last year and told Jonathan that I could just do them myself since I knew I would be pushing it if I tried asking someone else to do them. 

Luckily, they BOTH cooperated! 

I got everything situated outside in our yard while Jonathan changed clothes. Whenever they came out, the funniest thing happened. Otto ran straight over to the box I had sat up, jumped on top of it, and looked DEAD ON to the camera while Jonathan got in place behind him. We both started laughing cause it seemed like he knew EXACTLY what I was wanting him to do, although I hadn't said a word yet.

and I promise, I didn't teach him that. LOL. 

Jonathan's first words were something along the lines of 'how many pictures have you taken of this dog?!' Hahaha. I turned on a youtube video that would make Otto continue to look at the camera, and then went to join them. I got WAY more than I had planned, and for that I am SO thankful. I FINALLY have some family photos that I'm proud enough of that I would hang them on my wall, lol. 

Ten minutes. Worth it. 

Aren't they cute?!