Sep 05, 2019
Happy First Birthday, Otto!

My sweet boy is O N E ! 

It's crazy how attached we've gotten to this guy. We loved Scooter and DOG. There is no doubt about that. They were such sweet pups and I miss them everyday. However, Otto has been a totally different adventure. I'm not sure if it's because Otto is our actual first dog that we chose together, but he has been such a huge blessing in our home. (Jonathan got Scooter & DOG before we met. Scooter was about 6 months old then. I was still "his person.") We lost DOG in 2016 I believe, and we lost Scooter last August 2018 (both from cancer). When Scooter passed, I told Jonathan that I had to have another dog. I was terrified that he wouldn't let me (I've never NOT had a dog in my life!). I thought he'd want another dog like Scooter, but instead, he had already started looking at getting a goldendoodle - which is exactly what I had always said that I wanted, but never believed he'd let me. 

All Jonathan asked for was that it was a male, red in color (like Scooter and his golden retriever Chance), and standard size (I had been looking at minis). All I asked for was that he was fluffy and had a black nose. lol. Whenever we started seeing red ones with white paws, we decided that that coloring was what we really wanted, but they're very rare and very expensive. Otto was born an EXACT week after Scooter passed, but we didn't find him until the first of October. We searched and searched and searched. I wasn't quite sure if we were going to find one for a while and I was really missing Scooter. Then one day... Jonathan had just randomly gotten up early and looked on facebook - and there he was! A male, red and white, standard size, and an affordable price! He was "paw-fect." I truly think it was meant to be (he IS a daddy's boy for sure!) being that I'm still not sure how we were so lucky that no one else had picked him already! 

Otto was born near Tulsa, Oklahoma on September 7, 2018. 

The breeder we got him from was a first timer who wanted to share the joy that he had of goldendoodles with other families. I'm SO glad that we were able to get him from such a loving family - that really loves their dogs and isn't just in it for the money. Otto is a F3 - third generation. His parents are both goldendoodles. Josh told us that he would be ready to go to his furever home at the end of October, but we weren't able to go get him until November 10th due to work commitments. People think we're crazy for going to Oklahoma for a dog.. but they tend to forget that I'm from Texas. :)  Once we picked up Otto, we swung down to my hometown to visit my family for a few days so it was totally a win-win for me! 

Training a new puppy has it's challenges, but he really wasn't that hard! We immediately started bell + crate training when we got home and while he did have an accident from time to time, he was pretty much potty trained within a few weeks. A couple of months ago, we officially made the transition out of the crate and allowing him to run the house when we are gone. He has done so well, honestly! 

We really wish we could of gotten him in the summer so that he'd be more of a water dog. He likes to play on our water mat in the lake, but he isn't keen on actually swimming. He loves going camping and boating with us. He LOVES kids - like, his whole attention goes to a child if they are around. He loves his momma a whole lot, but daddy is definitely his favorite. We are still CONSTANTLY having to remove things from his mouth. He still loves 'holding' underwear and socks. He's still a chicken - scared of his own shadow, but absolutely the cutest thing imaginable. We're still working on leash training and 'staying' when told. He LOVES a tennis ball and tends to play by himself with them, haha. We basically want to take him with us everywhere, and absolutely hate when we have to leave him. He can be crazy hyper at times, but will chill at times too. He will definitely keep you laughing... and keep you constantly on the move, haha. He's loved by everyone that meets him.. and is literally the center of attention everywhere he goes. He's plain spoiled rotten. 

but you guys, I'm so thankful for this sweet boy! 

Happy Birthday, Otto! We love you!