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Nov 05, 2019
Embrace the Chaos of Technology!

My, how technology has changed - and just in my lifetime!

I remember when 'car phones' came out, or when I got my first computer in elementary school and the websites were basically only words on a colored background. I remember getting internet for the first time - you know, that kind that used your home phone line to dial in to use it. Forget using the phone if someone was trying to surf the internet! Which is quite humorous considering the internet didn't have much on it back then! I was in high school when I created my first website myself. It was mainly just photos of me & my friends for fun. I always had a passion for technology - I'm guessing because I grew up with SO many changes over the years. 

One day has always stuck out in my mind, though.

I was in 6th grade & our science teacher had us watch Bill Nye, the Science Guy on a DVD (or just a shiny, flat disk basically.) He told us, "soon everything you do will be on these small disks." At that time, you saved files to floppy disks & listened to music on cassettes. He was extremely correct, and a little wrong. We did eventually start using compact disks for EVERYTHING... but what he didn't know, was that in just a matter of years, it too would start to become obsolete! I honestly haven't put 'photos' or files on a CD-rom in years. My Mac doesn't even have a CD slot on it! I progressed to using flash drives.. which, guess what, are soon going to become obsolete as well!  The way technology has changed so dramatically over the course of my short lifetime is sometimes a little overwhelming, but I constantly embrace the changes - but that's easier when you love it! 

The newest thing is now delivering photos via an online gallery on the internet (which has came SO far from where it was when I was in middle school!). I know that this may be new to some of you so I wanted to kind of go over a few things about this! 

First, let's talk about the benefits of these online galleries:

  1. Beautiful - online galleries provide all your photos in one spot.. and it looks gorgeous when you view it! 
  2. Easy to Share - one of the beauties of using online galleries is that it's never been easier to share your photos with family & friends! You can easily copy the link provided and send it to your relatives out of town! There is no more having to pass around a USB or a CD, or having to pick out exactly what prints someone would want - they can do it all themselves! Which brings me to...
  3. Download + Print Quicker - with the online galleries, you, and anyone that you share your gallery with, are able to download the photos straight from the gallery onto a computer or phone and send it to get printed! OR, you can actually purchase prints straight from the website! Just add the photo you want (and the size) to the cart on your online gallery and the lab will send the prints straight to your door! I do not mark my prints way up as I try to keep them reasonable & affordable for my families! They are better quality so they will cost more than your big superstores like Walmart, but I can assure you that the colors & quality of the paper will be worth the price! For an example, I believe Walmart (currently) charges around 25 cents for a 4x6 and mine are (currently) $1. I truly feel as if that is a fair price for the quality you deserve! 

I especially loved having a gallery to share with my friends from our Halloween weekend so that each family could easily grab their personal photos of their kids! I didn't have to email or send them a USB/CD for one or two photos! They could easily just download them straight to their own computer and do as they please with that photo! Just remember not to share the link with someone that you don't want accessing your photos! 

Now, let's talk about how to use it!