Special Offers

Law Enforcement Officers & Families

         Being an officer's daughter, the shooting in Dallas, Texas in July 2016 hit a little too close to home for me since my Dad is actually an officer in Texas             as well. . Afterwards, many photographers around the country started a movement. Of course, being a daughter of an officer meant that I felt that             doing something extremely special for fellow law enforcement families was a must for me. 

                                            Enjoy a FREE mini-session yearly during the month of JULY. * #freephotosforpolicefamilies

                                                                     - OR - 

                                    50 % off any regular one+ hour session.*

                                    25% off weddings. **

                                    10% off mini-sessions. * 

                          * to receive, you must provide proof before booking. 50% deposit is required for booking (with the exception of the free mini in July). 

                          * officer MUST be present for ALL sessions. contact me for more details!
                          ** officer MUST be the bride or groom to get the wedding discount.