By: Shanna | April 26, 2017

Seriously, how cute is she?

We've been trying to get schedule the time to get some sweet photos of this little girl for a while now! Her birthday was actually around New Years, but she had this precious little outfit that her momma and grandmomma wanted her to wear - so as soon as it warmed up, we went for it!

I mean, who cares if it's a few months late - she's still 2, right? 

Annnnnd, wasn't the outfit worth it? Yes, yes it was. I totally wish I could wear a fun, colorful tutu like that! :) I'm all about some bright, cheerful colors - and they NAILED it. 

Anyways, we decided to do some Easter photos while we were at it! She wasn't exactly thrilled about having her picture taken and as a two year old - she definitely didn't want to sit still either, so we let her run and play which allowed me to still get some good ones once she opened up a little! 

She's just too stinkin' cute! :) 

(click to enlarge)

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