By: Shanna | June 27, 2017


So,  I apologize for the lack of posting - it's been a busy couple of months starting with a trip to Texas in early May for my aunt's wedding/my birthday and then the past several weeks have been spent gearing up and preparing for our county fair that took place the week of June 13th. [I'm the pageant director for 6 pageants.] But, I'm FINALLY getting back to my normal routine! Thank goodness! 

Back in May, I got to meet up with this sweet family the week after my trip to Texas. Our original date was rained out so we had to reschedule and then we had to switch locations due to time restraints. It turned out gorgeous, though! The sun coming though the trees was beautiful. Plus, this family was so awesome to work with! They definitely kept me laughing! Those are the kind of sessions I love - ones with LOTS of laughter! It brings out the smiles in everyone! <3 

A few more from the session below. Didn't they turn out beautiful? :)

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By: Shanna | April 11, 2017

So, back in the fall this little couple found out that they were having a little girl! 

Now, that sweet baby girl is HERE! However, I'm a little late on posting their maternity photos on the blog :) 

Back in March, we decided to head to the Fork to take their maternity photos one evening at the same special little place that they got married almost five years ago ♥. They had wanted the photos to be outside, but we weren't sure if little Adallyn would decide to make her appearance early or not and some cold weather was moving in the next day so I just picked up my camera one night after work and we made a super quick session out of it! 

....and.... didn't they turn out BEAUTIFUL? 

I must say that they did :) 

Miss Adallyn did decide to wait a little while longer... and finally made her appearance on a beautiful, sunny day last week! :) Those photos will be coming soon! I'm so excited for their little family and can't wait to watch this little one grow!

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By: Shanna | March 08, 2017

The sweet mother of these beautiful kids contacted me back in the fall about doing some pictures for their Christmas card... but the kicker was that the pictures had to stay a secret until after everyone got their card! Of course, I agreed! In fact, I did the same thing with the beach photos that I was going to use for ours... and I honestly don't think I've ever posted them afterwards. Haha!

Anyways, I had agreed not to post any photos until after January 1st... and of course, I completely forgot that I never got to blog about them! But, it's imperative that you see a few of these beautiful photos! 

We had a blast taking these. They laughed, I laughed. The kids even dared mom to do a cartwheel in exchange for some really good smiles. She did. We all laughed. It was a great day and an even better experience. It was quite a bit chilly - but they were excellent sports about it! :)

(click a photo to make bigger)

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By: Shanna | February 01, 2017

This photo is probably my favorite... especially since it was quite possibly the hardest photo I've ever worked for!

So, have I mentioned that I LOVE this family?

I guess that I should first mention that Lyndsey is my sweet friend/coworker/pageant sidekick. Over the last few years, I've had a lot of fun getting to know her and having her help me in all different aspects of my life! (seriously, she's a life-savor sometimes!) So.. one day, she came to me and asked me to take pictures for her whole family... and ALL of their dogs. 

You know I said 'Yes!' (obviously!)

So, when I showed up.. there were dogs EVERYWHERE. I was pretty excited about this (and maybe a little nervous cause I wanted the pictures to turn out good! I hate disappointing anyone!). It was HILARIOUS trying to get the dogs to sit and look at me, as well as get the adults to look at me at the same time. I was having so much fun! and I was pretty pleased later when I found out that they turned out better than I expected!  

We also took some of each little couple with and without their pets, some of each little family, and some family pictures without the dogs. We also had a little fun with some wine and some camo outfits even though it was starting to get dark on us! 

I had SO much fun doing these pictures! I can't wait to do more!! 

By: Shanna | January 05, 2017

Isn't this little family just precious? 

One of our friends had messaged me one day and wanted me to try to get some photos of her daughter's family, especially her sweet little granddaughters. Aren't these little redheads just too cute? The oldest one definitely didn't want to make it easy for me, but I still got a few smiles out of her :) Of course, I know all too well (from being around our little nephew) that getting a toddler to sit still very long is just impossible. Once they learn to move, that's all they want to do! We had decided to do the session at my house, which may have ultimately proved to be a little bit of a distraction. Lily just wanted to chase the dog and cat around the yard... and they didn't particularly want to be chased.  (LOL!) So, as I was trying to get her to smile, she was wanting to chase the animals, the animals just wanted to go explore across the creek (are you following me... we really didn't want a toddler trying to cross a log over a creek, lol), and I was having to yell at my pets to come back over to us because they technically are not allowed across the creek. Shew! 

It was definitely an adventure, but it was so much fun! and I have to be honest, I LOVE the way some of these ended up turning out! The fall colors turned out beautiful!  I was a little hesitant that my yard wouldn't be very pretty because all the leaves had fallen, but the ones with the woods behind them turned out gorgeous! We had a few tears, but plenty of laughs. I'm sure it'll be even more fun the next time we try it! :) 

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By: Shanna | December 27, 2016

I use to work with Jaime...

but, I hadn't seen her in FOREVER. She contacted me one day and wanted to have some photos taken of her, her boyfriend, and her sweet little girl. Of course, I was excited to do it! Of course, the one day we choose... it's FREEZING cold. No, I mean.. my hands, nose, and feet were literally numb by the time we got done. I seriously did it as QUICK as I could cause I knew the three of them were cold too! Although little miss was NOT completely into getting her photo made, but we got some cute ones of the three of them! :) Isn't her smile just precious?!?

Hopefully we'll be able to get some more done this coming spring when it's not so crazy cold! 

(click on the photo to make it bigger and to start a slideshow)

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By: Shanna | December 09, 2016

this family has a lot to be thankful for this year.. 

Seriously, how beautiful is this family? I'm a little partial as Brittany is a good friend of mine, this is her family, and I just love all of them! I'm especially in love with Brittany's new baby girl.. I swear she's just the cutest little thing and I really wish they didn't live so far away so I could spend more time cuddling her and less time just looking at her cute pictures on insta... :(  One of these days, that little cutie is gonna be my model! :)  But, that sweet baby girl is just one reason for this family to be thankful for this year. I won't go into details, but I will say that this family is so sweet and so strong. I'm so thankful that the Lord was listening and watching over this sweet family the last several months! HE is GOOD! :) 

I was super excited when she asked me if I could take some photos of the family since they haven't had any in... centuries. (maybe not that long, but I know how she feels, lol) I know how important it is to cherish these moments that you never knew if you'd get back. :) 

People - remember that life is precious and at any time, any day, any second, any minute - it can be taken away. Cherish every moment that you can and make the memories last by getting new photos taken every so often! :)

More photos of this gorgeous family below.... (click a photo to make it larger!)

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By: Shanna | October 18, 2016

I am addicted to cruises. I love cruises. It's just the best vacation for the money. 

You literally cannot beat it.

But this year, my sister-in-law asked us to join her family on vacation for a change. They love Anna Maria Island on the Gulf Coast of Florida and wanted to visit there again. It was our first time going to this particular island so we didn't really know what to expect. It was beautiful (as most gulf beaches are...more on that later) and we had a wonderful time with our family, but I'll probably always be a cruise addict. I could go on and on about why that is, but that's another post for another day. Besides photos and details, I'll try to also share a few of my opinions of this little island just in case you ever want to visit. 

Visiting Gia, Toni, and Tiffany in West Palm :)

We had rented a house on Anna Maria Island for Sunday-Saturday, but me and Jonathan wanted a full week vacation so we decided to start our vacation a little earlier. We left on Friday night after we got off work to drive down to West Palm Beach, Florida to visit some good friends. We stopped halfway down and drove the rest of the trip on Saturday. (P.S. We stopped in Forsyth, Georgia for the night and decided to stay at what looked like a new La Quinta hotel. Little did we know until we were checking in... it had only been open for 16 days! Brand. Spanking. New. If you ever need to stay somewhere outside of Atlanta, go there! lol!)  We met up with Toni and Gia for dinner at a super neat restaurant called Guanabanas on Saturday night... and decided to eat breakfast (at a yummy cafe!) and spend the day visiting them all of them on Sunday before we headed over to Anna Maria that night. We really enjoyed getting to visit with them. They're a lot of fun. We had actually met Gia and her daughter Tiffany on a cruise back in 2013 that we went on with my in-laws. We all became fast friends and actually all planned our 2015 cruise together, except with her daughter Toni instead of Tiffany. We love these guys! (P.S.S. Toni's dog, Turks - the black and white dog, is my new boyfriend ;) lol, and the cute little white puppy was a puppy she had found recently that I fell in love with. She was a sweetie!) 

& then there was Anna Maria

Good Morning

We rented a cute little house in the middle of the Island, complete with a heated pool. If you're going to rent a house, DEFINITELY make sure it has a pool. It was in an awesome location... just a short bike ride to anything: the beach on one side of the island, the pier on the other side of the island, good restaurants, and to all kinds of shopping. We actually ended up renting 3 bikes and got an electric golf cart half-price. That's how to do it. I'm dead serious. The golf carts are street legal on the island and we were able to just drive it anywhere we wanted to go... so we never had to get gas! If you're considering visiting Anna Maria, that's the first 2 tips I'll share with you.

  • Rent a house with a heated pool in the middle of the island. You won't be disappointed. 
  • Rent a golf cart, and bikes, to drive anywhere on the island. I recommend 'Beach Bums' just because that's who we used and we got an excellent deal. We rented two bikes and got the golf cart half-price. We really enjoyed it. :) 

The Lone Fisherman

Of course, we did your basic beach routine... laid on the beach, hung out in our pool, went to eat, went shopping, and took beach pictures. Our first day on the island, we basically went and rented our bikes and golf cart and then packed up to go to the beach. This is where a pro/con comes into play: renting a house gives you certain luxuries such as your own private pool and typical house amenities (feels like home), but you have to pack up everything and drag it to the beach every time you want to go. There are no chairs and umbrellas already waiting for you. This can be a hassle so I wanted to throw that out there. :) 

Tuesday, we packed up and went to the beach again for the day and then while they napped in the afternoon... me and Jonathan went to find the mini-golf place so that I could play a little mini-golf. I lost.. but, I LOVE mini golf. I was a little disappointed that there was only one mini-golf place and it was further on down the island, but at least there was one! I will say this:

    ♥     If you like to have a lot of options of things to do and see, then Anna Maria is probably not the place for you unless you're okay with doing a little more driving to get there. Anna Maria is definitely more for those that plan to go to just sit back and relax instead of being on the go.

Breakfast of Champions

Wednesday, us girls got up to go watch the sunrise while the guys went fishing. We did a little exploring, a little shopping, and a little sunbathing by the pool. They ended up catching us a little dinner that Lesa fixed and it was so good! I'm not even a fish eater so that's big coming from me! :) On Thursday, we headed back to the beach for the day and then went to get some sunset pictures in before we went to dinner. Friday, the guys went fishing again and Jonathan got a huge one! Instead of cooking again, we were able to take it to a restaurant where they cooked it FOR US! We had no idea that there were places that did that... and it was so nice not to have a big mess to clean up. :) Us girls just did our own thing. I did some shopping and laid out by the pool. I just wanted to relax in the sun on my last day there. :) 

We ate at some pretty good restaurants while we were there. I'm NOT a seafood person at all, but I can tell you what my family thinks about each one: 

  • Lobstahs - They had amazing mozzarella sticks, but I heard that the seafood wasn't their favorite. My chicken dish was pretty good though :)
  • Sandbar - My dish wasn't the greatest (but again, I'm not a seafood person), but everyone else LOVED this place. The best part was being able to sit out on the patio and watch the sun set. They even ask each table for your guess at what the exact sunset time will be (has to be down to the SECOND!) and if you guess right, you get a free bottle of champagne! I loved it there, and if we ever go back - I'll just choose something different to eat, lol.
  • Waterfront - This was on the other side of the island by the pier. I LOVED the food. I think we all did, in fact! Me & Lesa loved it so much that we decided to go for dessert.. and oh my, I'm so glad we did! It was so good! 
  • Swordfish Grill - This is where the guy's fishing captain referred us to take the fish to get it cooked. He even gave us free drink tickets. I really enjoyed the atmosphere. It was the only place we went to that had live music playing on the patio... I love those places! I enjoyed my last evening there :)

Also, can I mention... if you're craving some ice cream, head over to Two Scoops and grab some Gator Tracks... because it's delicious! ♥ 

Overall, we had an excellent time with the family. I'm not too happy about fall coming to Kentucky,and I'm really not looking forward to winter. On a happier note, we have already started thinking about a cruise for next year with Gia and the girls! It'll be a good one! :) 

By: Shanna | September 26, 2016

They finally let the cat out of the bag...... 
                                                      the Riley's are having a baby! 

We've been friends with the Riley's since they got married in 2012. We became fast friends after realizing how much we all had in common. Ever since I can remember, Christeen has always talked about being ready to grow their family. They decided that they would try to take that next step once they bought their new house and got settled in... and it didn't take long! 

                            Baby Riley will be here in APRIL! 

They'll find out the gender within the next couple of months and I know that they're excited to find out soon. She's ready to start shopping! :) 

We're so excited for them and can't wait to meet the lil' bit next year! 

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By: Shanna | September 09, 2016

Brittany & I go way back.....

Well, way back to the summer of 2003, that is. Our friendship didn't exactly start out the way you'd expect. It's basically a long story about some dumb, immature, teenage girls that I'm sure would be much more interesting if you heard it in person - but to summarize, back then, we weren't exactly what you would call friends

It wasn't really anything to do with each other (heck, we didn't even really know each other) - it was just a little bit of a sticky situation that we were both put in involuntarily. Brittany was actually one of the first people that I met when I moved to Kentucky that summer and we love to laugh about the few times we did actually hang out together. She actually grew up with my sweet husband (we would have all graduated together if I had chosen to go to their school, but I switched to another instead - and for that, I'm ultimately grateful as I gained memories I never would have had otherwise) and I love hearing their old stories. After many years of never seeing or talking to her, she started dating John, who just so happened to be good friends with my husband. We were kinda put into an extremely awkward situation one night back in like 2012 where we had something very crazy in common with each other and through that very interesting night - we finally found a way to talk through all the myths, rumors, and lies about that summer so long ago. Afterwards, I found that Brittany is a fabulous person who is constantly making me laugh and I couldn't be more thankful for the friendship that has formed over the past few years.

 Who knew what kind of friend I was missing out on all this time? :) 

Brittany and John are now engaged and have been living in Indiana along with her older daughter Sophie for the past year! ....and, obviously, she's currently pregnant with another sweet baby girl! A few weeks ago, me and Jonathan decided to go up there to visit them for the weekend. (It's honestly so crazy to think about all the connections we all have together!) We had been talking about how I needed to come take her maternity photos, so of course, that's exactly what we did! It rained the day we actually wanted to do it, so we unfortunately had to do it in the middle of the day that Sunday before we had to head back to Kentucky. I still think they turned out very well even if we were in full sunlight! As I'm writing this...if she doesn't have Miss Johana by tonight... she will for sure be here tomorrow! I'm SO excited for them!

I can't WAIT to meet their sweet baby girl VERY soon! She's going to be absolutely adorable! 

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