By: Shanna | January 12, 2018

Congratulations to the new Mr. & Mrs. John Goins

Soo, I had the honor of photographing Beth & John's wedding back in October. Beth was a friend of mine from back in high school at BCHS. We had lost contact over the years, so I was thrilled when she reached out to me about photographing her wedding! Well, Yes! Of course I will! ♥ I was even more thrilled when I found out that it was at the Jeptha Creed Distillery - how awesome is that?! Weddings are one of my favorite things to photograph and I wanted to make sure I did an awesome job for her. I asked one of my best friends, Brittany, to go along with me to Louisville as my second shooter. She was a tad nervous, but you guys - she did AMAZING. I'll let you decide if you can figure out who took which photos ;) She's seriously going to now be my second-shooter for life. ♥ lol.


We began our day by traveling to their house in Louisville to capture the groom + his groomsmen. They were running a little behind, so we captured some 'getting ready' moments with them and played with their precious pups while we waited. Once everyone was ready, we headed to a little spot in their housing complex that had this adorable little bridge in it. It was perfect for their photos! Of course, they may have added in a little sip of their favorite drinks to celebrate. ;)

P.S. Check out those awesome socks in the slideshow below, guys! 

After we got done at the guys, we hightailed it to Beth's friend's (beautiful) house where all the girls were getting ready! They had all got their hair done, and Beth was getting her makeup done by her awesome make-up artist! He did an awesome job! They all looked A-MA-ZING. While she got her make-up done, we went around and took some fun lifestyle photo of her bridesmaids + bridesmate as well as some gorgeous pictures of her dress + jewelry. (aka, one of my favorite parts!) 


Once Beth was finished with her makeup - everyone helped get her into her wedding dress since her mom had to leave to get back to the venue and finish setting everything up. [Brittany was able to capture her mom retying the back her dress after we got to the venue! SO sweet!] It was a little chaotic and we didn't get to do everything we wanted to do, but that's just part of a typical wedding day. It happens! You just have to go with the flow! You'll absolutely laugh about it later - I did! ♥


Brittany + I tried to rush back to the distillery so that we could get some venue and decor pictures in before they got there. They had planned to do a first look and then a private ceremony with her Dad officiating before the public ceremony, but due to the time crunch - we weren't able to make that happen. Whenever Beth + her group got to the venue, many guests were starting to arrive and she didn't want them to see her just yet, so we decided to do the first looks inside the bar area. We did a first look with her parents first before we opened up the huge barn door and revealed her sweet soon-to-be husband. It turned out really well and it was so precious to see the excitement and love between all of them. 


aren't these handmade center pieces gorgeous!??


Afterwards, we wanted to try to get a few wedding party portraits in before the ceremony started as we knew that we wouldn't have a lot of daylight time after the ceremony. We went in the back room and closed the huge barn door so that we could use it for a background while we waited for the ceremony to start.♥ 


The Ceremony ♥

Their ceremony was GORGEOUS. Beth had decided not to do your traditional bouquet of flowers, but something extra special. She had several "special" guests that were to be there - each had an extra special relationship to her and they were seated in specific spots along the aisle. Each of the bridesmaids/mate would present a couple of the guests with a small bouquet of flowers as they came down the aisle. Then, whenever her dad lead Beth down to meet her husband, she would stop at each guest for a beautiful moment between them and to pick up the flowers they were holding. At the end, her mother helped tie them all together to form her wedding bouquet. The whole thing was extremely moving and beautiful to watch. ♥ This was an amazing idea to honor those special people in her life. I absolutely LOVED capturing it although I kept getting lost in watching! Their officiant was a close family friend that had traveled from South Africa (correct me if I'm wrong..) to join Beth + John together as husband and wife. I know that having him there to do it meant the entire world to them and it definitely showed. He did an amazing job and I'm sure there were very few dry eyes in the crowd. ♥♥


After the ceremony, we decided to try our best to get some pictures of the bride + groom plus their families and the wedding party inside the distillery and a few outside with the sunset. I think we were a little worried about light, but they still turned out GORGEOUS. But, it isn't hard when everyone is beautiful! With the ceremony over, everyone let loose and had a great time even if pictures isn't their favorite thing to do. We even got some pictures of this gorgeous bride by herself since we weren't able to earlier that day! ♥


Once the pictures were over, it was time to eat + party the rest of the evening away! Beth + John had hired an AWESOME band that kept everyone on the dance floor all night long! We did our best to capture all the fun everyone was having! It was hard keeping the camera up and not wanting to lay it down and dance the night away with them! You could tell everyone was having the BEST time! Which is the best part as the memories are what matters most. ♥


Congratulations again + thank you both for allowing us to be a part of your beautiful day! 

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By: Shanna | November 07, 2017

Miss Johana is ready for Fall! 

I'm super behind on blogging and posting - but hoping to get everything up this week! 

These were taken at the end of September when I was visiting Brittany and we were getting prepared for our wedding that weekend (which put me behind on editing these!). We wanted to test out the lens that I had rented - and who better to test it on, than Johana? Exactly ♥ 

She wasn't exactly happy about being a "model" (and it started trying to rain, haha), but they were still cute regardless! 

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By: Shanna | March 08, 2017

The sweet mother of these beautiful kids contacted me back in the fall about doing some pictures for their Christmas card... but the kicker was that the pictures had to stay a secret until after everyone got their card! Of course, I agreed! In fact, I did the same thing with the beach photos that I was going to use for ours... and I honestly don't think I've ever posted them afterwards. Haha!

Anyways, I had agreed not to post any photos until after January 1st... and of course, I completely forgot that I never got to blog about them! But, it's imperative that you see a few of these beautiful photos! 

We had a blast taking these. They laughed, I laughed. The kids even dared mom to do a cartwheel in exchange for some really good smiles. She did. We all laughed. It was a great day and an even better experience. It was quite a bit chilly - but they were excellent sports about it! :)

(click a photo to make bigger)

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By: Shanna | February 01, 2017

This photo is probably my favorite... especially since it was quite possibly the hardest photo I've ever worked for!

So, have I mentioned that I LOVE this family?

I guess that I should first mention that Lyndsey is my sweet friend/coworker/pageant sidekick. Over the last few years, I've had a lot of fun getting to know her and having her help me in all different aspects of my life! (seriously, she's a life-savor sometimes!) So.. one day, she came to me and asked me to take pictures for her whole family... and ALL of their dogs. 

You know I said 'Yes!' (obviously!)

So, when I showed up.. there were dogs EVERYWHERE. I was pretty excited about this (and maybe a little nervous cause I wanted the pictures to turn out good! I hate disappointing anyone!). It was HILARIOUS trying to get the dogs to sit and look at me, as well as get the adults to look at me at the same time. I was having so much fun! and I was pretty pleased later when I found out that they turned out better than I expected!  

We also took some of each little couple with and without their pets, some of each little family, and some family pictures without the dogs. We also had a little fun with some wine and some camo outfits even though it was starting to get dark on us! 

I had SO much fun doing these pictures! I can't wait to do more!! 

By: Shanna | December 27, 2016

I use to work with Jaime...

but, I hadn't seen her in FOREVER. She contacted me one day and wanted to have some photos taken of her, her boyfriend, and her sweet little girl. Of course, I was excited to do it! Of course, the one day we choose... it's FREEZING cold. No, I mean.. my hands, nose, and feet were literally numb by the time we got done. I seriously did it as QUICK as I could cause I knew the three of them were cold too! Although little miss was NOT completely into getting her photo made, but we got some cute ones of the three of them! :) Isn't her smile just precious?!?

Hopefully we'll be able to get some more done this coming spring when it's not so crazy cold! 

(click on the photo to make it bigger and to start a slideshow)

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By: Shanna | December 09, 2016

this family has a lot to be thankful for this year.. 

Seriously, how beautiful is this family? I'm a little partial as Brittany is a good friend of mine, this is her family, and I just love all of them! I'm especially in love with Brittany's new baby girl.. I swear she's just the cutest little thing and I really wish they didn't live so far away so I could spend more time cuddling her and less time just looking at her cute pictures on insta... :(  One of these days, that little cutie is gonna be my model! :)  But, that sweet baby girl is just one reason for this family to be thankful for this year. I won't go into details, but I will say that this family is so sweet and so strong. I'm so thankful that the Lord was listening and watching over this sweet family the last several months! HE is GOOD! :) 

I was super excited when she asked me if I could take some photos of the family since they haven't had any in... centuries. (maybe not that long, but I know how she feels, lol) I know how important it is to cherish these moments that you never knew if you'd get back. :) 

People - remember that life is precious and at any time, any day, any second, any minute - it can be taken away. Cherish every moment that you can and make the memories last by getting new photos taken every so often! :)

More photos of this gorgeous family below.... (click a photo to make it larger!)

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By: Shanna | November 30, 2016


A big congratulations to this sweet couple! 

I had the amazing opportunity to photograph this sweet couple's wedding back in October! It was my first wedding so I was a total nervous wreck, but the faith they had in me was so reassuring! It was nice to do something for someone that once did something for me. Carma is a family friend, and six years ago she helped prepare and serve all kinds of good eats to my own wedding guests! Even though I was pretty nervous about doing this; I was also SO excited to finally have an opportunity to advance my photography skills. I had SO much fun doing it and I learned SO much. It was definitely an eye opening experience - but one that I LOVED. I can totally see more wedding photography in my future ;) if the good Lord allows it, that is! 


I wish you both all the happiness in the world on this new journey! :) 

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