By: Shanna | November 07, 2017

Miss Johana is ready for Fall! 

I'm super behind on blogging and posting - but hoping to get everything up this week! 

These were taken at the end of September when I was visiting Brittany and we were getting prepared for our wedding that weekend (which put me behind on editing these!). We wanted to test out the lens that I had rented - and who better to test it on, than Johana? Exactly ♥ 

She wasn't exactly happy about being a "model" (and it started trying to rain, haha), but they were still cute regardless! 

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By: Shanna | April 26, 2017

Seriously, how cute is she?

We've been trying to get schedule the time to get some sweet photos of this little girl for a while now! Her birthday was actually around New Years, but she had this precious little outfit that her momma and grandmomma wanted her to wear - so as soon as it warmed up, we went for it!

I mean, who cares if it's a few months late - she's still 2, right? 

Annnnnd, wasn't the outfit worth it? Yes, yes it was. I totally wish I could wear a fun, colorful tutu like that! :) I'm all about some bright, cheerful colors - and they NAILED it. 

Anyways, we decided to do some Easter photos while we were at it! She wasn't exactly thrilled about having her picture taken and as a two year old - she definitely didn't want to sit still either, so we let her run and play which allowed me to still get some good ones once she opened up a little! 

She's just too stinkin' cute! :) 

(click to enlarge)

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By: Shanna | March 08, 2017

The sweet mother of these beautiful kids contacted me back in the fall about doing some pictures for their Christmas card... but the kicker was that the pictures had to stay a secret until after everyone got their card! Of course, I agreed! In fact, I did the same thing with the beach photos that I was going to use for ours... and I honestly don't think I've ever posted them afterwards. Haha!

Anyways, I had agreed not to post any photos until after January 1st... and of course, I completely forgot that I never got to blog about them! But, it's imperative that you see a few of these beautiful photos! 

We had a blast taking these. They laughed, I laughed. The kids even dared mom to do a cartwheel in exchange for some really good smiles. She did. We all laughed. It was a great day and an even better experience. It was quite a bit chilly - but they were excellent sports about it! :)

(click a photo to make bigger)

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By: Shanna | January 05, 2017

Isn't this little family just precious? 

One of our friends had messaged me one day and wanted me to try to get some photos of her daughter's family, especially her sweet little granddaughters. Aren't these little redheads just too cute? The oldest one definitely didn't want to make it easy for me, but I still got a few smiles out of her :) Of course, I know all too well (from being around our little nephew) that getting a toddler to sit still very long is just impossible. Once they learn to move, that's all they want to do! We had decided to do the session at my house, which may have ultimately proved to be a little bit of a distraction. Lily just wanted to chase the dog and cat around the yard... and they didn't particularly want to be chased.  (LOL!) So, as I was trying to get her to smile, she was wanting to chase the animals, the animals just wanted to go explore across the creek (are you following me... we really didn't want a toddler trying to cross a log over a creek, lol), and I was having to yell at my pets to come back over to us because they technically are not allowed across the creek. Shew! 

It was definitely an adventure, but it was so much fun! and I have to be honest, I LOVE the way some of these ended up turning out! The fall colors turned out beautiful!  I was a little hesitant that my yard wouldn't be very pretty because all the leaves had fallen, but the ones with the woods behind them turned out gorgeous! We had a few tears, but plenty of laughs. I'm sure it'll be even more fun the next time we try it! :) 

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By: Shanna | July 15, 2016


You've got a friend in me....

If you've noticed, you'll probably recognize these girls as I've done family photos for both Brittany and Sloan in the past couple of months. They had contacted me a while back and wanted me to do some photos of the babies together since they're really good friends and the kids are around the same age. Sloan has an absolutely adorable baby boy and Brittany has a super sweet baby girl that I've grown to love. They are PRECIOUS.

So, a couple of weeks ago we finally met up to do the kid's photos as well as some 'Mommy and Me' photos for Sloan. The sweet babes were perfect and I very much enjoyed doing it for them. It was a lot of fun and we all shared some laughs. I'm pretty sure I can classify these photos as my favorites right now. They just turned out so good! :)

I have a pretty strong feeling that these two sweet kids are going to grow up to be the best of friends. I hope Sloan and Brittany will continue to come back to me for photos so I can watch them grow up. They are going to have so much fun together. 

By: Shanna | July 07, 2016

How sweet is this little family? 

I met up with this cute little family a couple of weeks ago for a family session. Their little girl was super happy and just precious! She's about to be a year old so she was on. the. move! Even though it's definitely hard to get good pictures with a quick moving toddler... I absolutely LOVE that age when they first start moving around and exploring. I remember when our little nephew was just learning to walk and the enjoyment we got out of watching him learn new things. Watching their little minds turn is just so much fun. 

Even with the quick moves and the heat (of course, it was humid - isn't it always when I have a session scheduled?), we still got some good photos for them! I'd love to see this little girl again; she's going to definitely be a charmer! :) 


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