By: Shanna | September 09, 2016

Brittany & I go way back.....

Well, way back to the summer of 2003, that is. Our friendship didn't exactly start out the way you'd expect. It's basically a long story about some dumb, immature, teenage girls that I'm sure would be much more interesting if you heard it in person - but to summarize, back then, we weren't exactly what you would call friends

It wasn't really anything to do with each other (heck, we didn't even really know each other) - it was just a little bit of a sticky situation that we were both put in involuntarily. Brittany was actually one of the first people that I met when I moved to Kentucky that summer and we love to laugh about the few times we did actually hang out together. She actually grew up with my sweet husband (we would have all graduated together if I had chosen to go to their school, but I switched to another instead - and for that, I'm ultimately grateful as I gained memories I never would have had otherwise) and I love hearing their old stories. After many years of never seeing or talking to her, she started dating John, who just so happened to be good friends with my husband. We were kinda put into an extremely awkward situation one night back in like 2012 where we had something very crazy in common with each other and through that very interesting night - we finally found a way to talk through all the myths, rumors, and lies about that summer so long ago. Afterwards, I found that Brittany is a fabulous person who is constantly making me laugh and I couldn't be more thankful for the friendship that has formed over the past few years.

 Who knew what kind of friend I was missing out on all this time? :) 

Brittany and John are now engaged and have been living in Indiana along with her older daughter Sophie for the past year! ....and, obviously, she's currently pregnant with another sweet baby girl! A few weeks ago, me and Jonathan decided to go up there to visit them for the weekend. (It's honestly so crazy to think about all the connections we all have together!) We had been talking about how I needed to come take her maternity photos, so of course, that's exactly what we did! It rained the day we actually wanted to do it, so we unfortunately had to do it in the middle of the day that Sunday before we had to head back to Kentucky. I still think they turned out very well even if we were in full sunlight! As I'm writing this...if she doesn't have Miss Johana by tonight... she will for sure be here tomorrow! I'm SO excited for them!

I can't WAIT to meet their sweet baby girl VERY soon! She's going to be absolutely adorable! 

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