By: Shanna | February 01, 2017

This photo is probably my favorite... especially since it was quite possibly the hardest photo I've ever worked for!

So, have I mentioned that I LOVE this family?

I guess that I should first mention that Lyndsey is my sweet friend/coworker/pageant sidekick. Over the last few years, I've had a lot of fun getting to know her and having her help me in all different aspects of my life! (seriously, she's a life-savor sometimes!) So.. one day, she came to me and asked me to take pictures for her whole family... and ALL of their dogs. 

You know I said 'Yes!' (obviously!)

So, when I showed up.. there were dogs EVERYWHERE. I was pretty excited about this (and maybe a little nervous cause I wanted the pictures to turn out good! I hate disappointing anyone!). It was HILARIOUS trying to get the dogs to sit and look at me, as well as get the adults to look at me at the same time. I was having so much fun! and I was pretty pleased later when I found out that they turned out better than I expected!  

We also took some of each little couple with and without their pets, some of each little family, and some family pictures without the dogs. We also had a little fun with some wine and some camo outfits even though it was starting to get dark on us! 

I had SO much fun doing these pictures! I can't wait to do more!!