By: Shanna | November 22, 2017

I had the honor of photographing the Klein family back in July for my annual free police minis = as they were awaiting their newest little member to their tribe! She contacted me at the end of September to set up a quick 'lifestyle' newborn shoot after their newest little cutie entered this world. I was so excited & thankful that they allowed me to capture memories for them once again!

They decided to just do parents & newest little baby for this particular shoot, but we plan to get the whole family in a picture soon! I can't wait!

Thank you guys for letting me continue to be a part of your lives.... and congratulations again! ♥

a few more photos of this beautiful family below:

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By: Shanna | May 09, 2017

Welcome to the world, Miss Adallyn Riley! 

Soooo, first off: I definitely do not consider myself a newborn photographer AT ALL (and I give MAJOR props to those that are!), but my friends had this beautiful baby and we just had to give it a shot! :)  This was my VERY first newborn shoot, and I'll be honest - it was much harder than it looks! 

Miss Adallyn is super adorable, but she did not want to cooperate with us. Plus, I truly believe that it's gotta be much easier to do if you are a full=timer and have a studio that you can keep good and warm. Miss Adallyn & her parents had a super busy first couple of weeks, so we just decided to try this one evening after I got off work at their house. Little Addy was officially two weeks old when these photos were taken. :) 

Once we finally got her calmed down a little, we were finally able to catch a few good photos (as long as we didn't move her, lol!) Annnnd, truthfully, they turned out SO much better than I had thought they would. (I'm not the best, and my confidence level is pretty low at times.) But Addy is sooo cute and she just made these photos PERFECT. 

I'm sure I'll try another one one of these days.. and I'm sure it gets MUCH easier with tons of practice :)  but, I don't think I'll ever 'specialize' in newborn photography unless I'm fortunate enough to have my own studio one day. 

Now, take a look at just how adorable she is...... 

(click photo to enlarge)

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