By: Shanna | June 26, 2018

Check out this beautiful couple... 

I had so much fun shooting Cindi + Scott's engagement photos back in May! Cindi had requested a creek - and, of course, what better place to do creek photos than at Shakertown! It has creeks, hills, and other gorgeous areas to shoot in. Plus, we had to have a good place to capture their beloved jeep as well! We laughed until we cried and had a great time! They are such a laid-back, easy going couple - which is something I LOVE! It was so easy and so much fun to capture these two :) 

I've been so busy lately that I completely forgot to blog these :) I shot their wedding at the beginning of this month + I can't wait to show you those photos as well! ♥


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By: Shanna | September 13, 2017

the thin blue line + engagements = my new fave

I knew Miss Emily from where she has competed in our pageants at the fair in the past, so I was pretty excited when she contacted me about doing a law enforcement shoot with her fiance (now husband) back in July when I was offering free law enforcement minis. (You can learn more about that here.) We ultimately decided to make it into a regular session as they wanted to do something special during their session... (which I'll reveal below!!)

We had SO much fun doing their photos. I'm pretty sure we never stopped laughing! annnnd, the pictures turned out absolutely GORGEOUS. (it helps when the couple is gorgeous!) I'm so glad that I was able to do this for them! 

Check out a few more from their session below: 

(click to enlarge) 


Emily announced their pregnancy with this adorable photo and the caption below: 
        ETA  on Daddy's Backup : February 2018 

This little boy or girl is going to be SO loved (and just absolutely precious!) - and they will already have their first hero straight from birth: their daddy ♥

Congratulations, Emily + Ben! 


By: Shanna | July 07, 2016

How sweet is this little family? 

I met up with this cute little family a couple of weeks ago for a family session. Their little girl was super happy and just precious! She's about to be a year old so she was on. the. move! Even though it's definitely hard to get good pictures with a quick moving toddler... I absolutely LOVE that age when they first start moving around and exploring. I remember when our little nephew was just learning to walk and the enjoyment we got out of watching him learn new things. Watching their little minds turn is just so much fun. 

Even with the quick moves and the heat (of course, it was humid - isn't it always when I have a session scheduled?), we still got some good photos for them! I'd love to see this little girl again; she's going to definitely be a charmer! :) 


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By: Shanna | May 26, 2016


I met up with the Hobdy family on Sunday for a quick photo session....

They are quite possibly one of the sweetest families I've ever taken photos for. The amount of love shown between the three of them is what some people wish their entire lives for.... and let me just say, little Conner... well, his pretty blue eyes will just make you melt. He was such a happy baby... he did SO good for us! I'm pretty sure he LOVED the camera - we got so many good ones of him right looking at me! He instantly reminded me of my absolute favorite cabbage patch doll from my childhood (who else had one?!).. he was just the cutest! 

I'm especially glad the weather cooperated with us. It was a BEAUTIFUL day and the sunshine made all of their photos just that more beautiful! 

I'm so glad they trusted me with their photos and I hope that they love them as much as I do! :) Check out the slideshow below for more photos of this beautiful family! 


Oh, and speaking of cabbage patch dolls - yes, I STILL have mine. It's sitting upstairs in our loft at home :) my great-aunt, Eudora, held on to it once I let go of it. (They use to have to wash it when I was taking a nap, otherwise I never let it go. lol) Eudora is one of the kindest people you'll ever meet. She always KNEW I'd want it back one day so she kept it sitting on a mantle at her house for all these years. Last summer, while we were in Texas visiting, she gave it back to me. It was imperative that she made sure that it went back to me. It's now one of the most special and most loved items that I own. Now that I'm older, I know that I'll treasure it for the rest of my life.

If you have children or grandchildren that are absolutely in LOVE with a certain toy - hang on to it, even when they no longer need it. Then give it back to them when they get older. 

They may thank you one day :) 

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