By: Shanna | March 16, 2016

The last time she was in Kentucky was for my wedding - over 5 years ago.. 

....and this time when she came, her and her husband brought along two little ones (4 years and 9 months). It's crazy how quick time goes by! Kourtniee & I have been the very best of friends since we met in 7th grade. Most of my friendships faded away every mile that we passed on our way to Kentucky. My friendship with Kourtniee was the one that survived, not only the 800 miles apart, but also the (almost) 13 years since. Friendships like ours doesn't happen very often. More responsibilities comes with age and most people just don't put the effort into maintaining friendships. 

It's amazing how truly easy it actually is. We kept our promise to be each other's maid of honor in our weddings and you can guarantee that we text almost every day. If we don't talk in a day or more, I can promise that when we do... it's like we never stopped. We don't get to have the normal friendship - we only get to see each other once or twice a year and when we do, it's usually for only an hour or two. When we get the chance to visit Texas, we stay extremely busy running from family member to family member... and usually still seem to miss seeing a few. It's CRAZY! But, I treasure the few quick minutes that I get to spend with everyone until the next time I get to see them.

So, imagine my excitement that my best friend and her family had decided to drive the 12 hours to Kentucky and visit US for the weekend! This obviously meant we got to spend the entire weekend together without being rushed and crazy busy trying to fit everything in. It was AWESOME! We spent some girl time going to get our nails and toes done with my mom, had a good family dinner with my parents, had a little Wendy's picnic at the park and bowled a couple of games with my sister-in-law and her family, and ate some pizza and played some arcade games at Gattitown within the three days that they were here. I think everyone enjoyed themselves. We absolutely loved having company and I especially enjoyed spending some quality time with my goddaughter, Maddison, and my godson, Ryder! I don't get to see them nearly enough! They are precious :)  I decided to take some pictures for them while we were at the park :) I had to sneak pictures of Ryder into the mix as he'd take off running if he caught me ;) but Maddie sat there like a pro. :) I just love this little family! 

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