By: Shanna | May 16, 2017


A few weeks ago, I got to travel over to my alma mater (Eastern Kentucky University) to take some graduation pictures for these two friends - Lyndsey & Briana! They majored in the same field [education] and became fast friends over the years. They even traveled the world together last year while studying abroad in Italy! We had so much doing all their pictures and I loved being back on my old campus! (They've changed it SO much!) It's BEAUTIFUL. I really enjoyed my years there. It really is a great college! 

I''m so excited for these girls! Of course, now the hard part comes for them - nailing down a job!! But, hopefully it won't be too hard and they'll both find their dream jobs quickly! :) 

 I'll do separate posts for their individual photos soon!

Cheers to new beginnings! Congratulations again, girls! 

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 & they're off to the next big adventure...