By: Shanna | November 22, 2017

I had the honor of photographing the Klein family back in July for my annual free police minis = as they were awaiting their newest little member to their tribe! She contacted me at the end of September to set up a quick 'lifestyle' newborn shoot after their newest little cutie entered this world. I was so excited & thankful that they allowed me to capture memories for them once again!

They decided to just do parents & newest little baby for this particular shoot, but we plan to get the whole family in a picture soon! I can't wait!

Thank you guys for letting me continue to be a part of your lives.... and congratulations again! ♥

a few more photos of this beautiful family below:

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By: Shanna | November 07, 2017

Miss Johana is ready for Fall! 

I'm super behind on blogging and posting - but hoping to get everything up this week! 

These were taken at the end of September when I was visiting Brittany and we were getting prepared for our wedding that weekend (which put me behind on editing these!). We wanted to test out the lens that I had rented - and who better to test it on, than Johana? Exactly ♥ 

She wasn't exactly happy about being a "model" (and it started trying to rain, haha), but they were still cute regardless! 

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By: Shanna | October 16, 2017

Happy Fall from my family to yours! ♥

When you don't have kids, your pup is your child. 

He's definitely more photogenic than us anyhow ;) 


By: Shanna | October 05, 2017

Happy Birthday, Sweet Girl! 

Brittany & I really wanted to do something 'different' for Johana's birthday pictures back in September. We had exhausted every option trying to figure out a theme - and then Brittany decided to throw out all the themed ideas and just do 'simple!' We tossed a cute little dress on her, iced up a simple chocolate cake, and sat her down in a field in front of their house. But, wouldn't you know it = they turned out so sweet!! I'm seriously in love - although, I'm a little biased with this little girl. :) 

Ohhh, we have to tell you, she HATED the cake. annnnd, she may have also got very upset when momma tried to encourage her to get messy by putting her hand in her cake. LOL. I'm going to make sure to remind her of this when she gets older - no cake for her! J/k :)  Of course, you know that if we had told her NOT to touch it - she'd be covered in it. She is such a pretty baby doll though, isn't she? I just love her! ♥

(click to enlarge) 

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By: Shanna | September 27, 2017


aren't they gorgeous? 

I got to meet up with this beautiful couple back in August for their free police mini. They weren't able to be in town for us to do it during July, so I made an exception and pushed it to August because I just truly appreciate what Officer Broach does. I'm thankful I did. This couple is so sweet together and I truly enjoyed getting to meet them and do this for them. We had lots of laughs and tried to make the best of the hot summer evening. I just have so much love for fellow LEO families. ♥

A few more from their quick mini session down below: 

(click to enlarge) 

Thank you for doing what you do, Officer Broach! 

f you want to know more about the free police minis or LEO offers, please click here


Have you thanked a law enforcement officer today? 

By: Shanna | September 13, 2017

the thin blue line + engagements = my new fave

I knew Miss Emily from where she has competed in our pageants at the fair in the past, so I was pretty excited when she contacted me about doing a law enforcement shoot with her fiance (now husband) back in July when I was offering free law enforcement minis. (You can learn more about that here.) We ultimately decided to make it into a regular session as they wanted to do something special during their session... (which I'll reveal below!!)

We had SO much fun doing their photos. I'm pretty sure we never stopped laughing! annnnd, the pictures turned out absolutely GORGEOUS. (it helps when the couple is gorgeous!) I'm so glad that I was able to do this for them! 

Check out a few more from their session below: 

(click to enlarge) 


Emily announced their pregnancy with this adorable photo and the caption below: 
        ETA  on Daddy's Backup : February 2018 

This little boy or girl is going to be SO loved (and just absolutely precious!) - and they will already have their first hero straight from birth: their daddy ♥

Congratulations, Emily + Ben! 


By: Shanna | September 06, 2017

Addy Mae is 3 months old! 

Sooo, I know that by now you already know that the Riley Family are our friends and they just had this sweet little girl back in April. I swear that I feel like she was just born yesterday, and yet here we are at 3 months! (really she's already 5 months, but I'm super behind on blogging!) 

 Can you believe it? She's getting more and more personality and I know that it's a lot of fun watching her grow every day! Isn't she precious?

Enjoy all these 'too cute for words' pictures below:  ;)

(click to enlarge!) 


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By: Shanna | August 24, 2017


Behind every strong police officer, 

there is an even stronger family who stands behind them and supports them. ♥

I also got to meet up with the sweet Flynn family for their police mini back in July. I had so much fun - even though it was so hot that day and the bugs were so frustrating. It went well, though!

And, isn't their little girl just gorgeous?! She's seriously a doll baby, even though she wasn't very interested in posing for photos. I'm a little partial to the blonde hair as well. :) lol 

If you didn't read the Klein Family blog before this, you may not realize that doing this is a special way for me to give back to my fellow LEO families near me. My dad is an officer in Texas and I have the utmost respect and love for law enforcement officers. I understand the job they do and I know the situations they come across daily. I provide LEO families a free mini session every July, but I also provide LEO families a discount on many other sessions. To learn more about this, go HERE

Check out more of the gorgeous Flynn family below:

(click a photo to enlarge)

Thank you for doing what you do, Officer Flynn! 

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By: Shanna | August 15, 2017

♥ blessed are the peacemakers.... 

If you know me, you know that my dad is a law enforcement officer in my hometown in North-East Texas. Last year, when the 5 officers were taken from us by hate in Dallas - you can imagine that it hit WAY too close to home for me. These officers didn't get to go home to their families that night, and that weighed so heavily on me & other LEO families. 

One photographer came up with the idea to do #freephotosforpolicefamilies, and of course - I jumped on board! Every year in July, to not only honor those 5 officers that lost their lives in Texas last year - but also to show my love and respect to all my fellow LEO families around me, Shanna True Photography © will be providing local law enforcement families the opportunity to get some updated photos for FREE. I also offer discounted prices for LEO families the remainder of the year. 

You can learn more about all of this HERE

This year, I had several families jump at this opportunity! The first of those sweet families was the wonderful Klein's. I had the privilege of meeting this sweet LEO family and capturing a few new photos for them. Aren't they beautiful? I promise, they're as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside. I had so much fun doing this for them & I'm so thankful for his service to our small town. 

I look forward to hopefully meeting more LEO families next year! 

Take a look at a few more of the Klein's photos below: 


Thank you for doing what you do 

from my family to yours ! 

By: Shanna | July 27, 2017

This sweet little family is finally back in town! 

...and I'm SO excited about it! 

They've lived in Indiana for the past couple of years and whenever they decided that they were finally headed back this way, I was super excited! Brittany & John are good friends with my husband and I. (it's kinda a funny story how we're all connected.) They had Miss Johana back in September and I had only really saw her like once! Sooo, you realize that I'm pretty excited that they're finally back in town so that we can finally hang out again! 

Plus, how adorable are these kids? They may just have to model for me sometimes as well. ;) lol

After they had got moved into their house and got a little settled, we headed over a few weeks ago to have dinner  and take some family photos in their new BACKYARD. Yes, you read that right. and yes, that's the lake behind them... 

I am SO jealous. ♥ and SO happy for them! 

I mean, seriously..... aren't these GORGEOUS !?!

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