By: Shanna | November 22, 2017

I had the honor of photographing the Klein family back in July for my annual free police minis = as they were awaiting their newest little member to their tribe! She contacted me at the end of September to set up a quick 'lifestyle' newborn shoot after their newest little cutie entered this world. I was so excited & thankful that they allowed me to capture memories for them once again!

They decided to just do parents & newest little baby for this particular shoot, but we plan to get the whole family in a picture soon! I can't wait!

Thank you guys for letting me continue to be a part of your lives.... and congratulations again! ♥

a few more photos of this beautiful family below:

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By: Shanna | October 16, 2017

Happy Fall from my family to yours! ♥

When you don't have kids, your pup is your child. 

He's definitely more photogenic than us anyhow ;) 


By: Shanna | June 29, 2017

Do you like being near the water?

The lake, the beach, a pool. It doesn't matter to me - as long as the sun's out. ♥

I grew up in Texas... and when you are in the Texas heat, you are always looking for a way to 'cool off.' What better way to cool off than jumping in the water? I grew up going to our local lake with my parents. We had a boat and would go out with friends as much as we could during the summer. I honestly remember it like it was yesterday [I was like 5 though.] It was literally the best summertime activity! 

Kentucky doesn't have the Texas heat, but it does still have my favorite summertime place - a lake! I still love being outside in the summer heat - near some water. One of my first dates with my husband was actually going to the lake. He honestly loves it as much as I do. We now have a boat & a jet-ski so that we can try to go every chance we get during the summer, although Kentucky summers definitely aren't as long or as hot as Texas summers. [I miss it.] We have a camper too, so we don't actually HAVE to leave the lake all weekend long if we don't have to! We LOVE our lake weekends! 

The beach is also one of my most favorite places. If you know me & my mom - you know that we also LOVE being on the beach. I had already been to the beach [Galveston] before most children even knew what the ocean was. I went to my first Caribbean beach [Cancun] when I was only in middle school. We just simply LOVE being in the sunshine and near the water. We still go to the beach every chance we get. Especially any of the Caribbean beaches with their pretty white sand - they're the best. [I'd move there if I could!] I'm trying to begin planning our annual beach trip for this fall. I can't wait to go! :) 

If there is one thing I don't have that I'd love to have is a pool in my backyard. We had a pool when we lived in Texas, but my mom & I haven't been very successful in convincing our husbands to build a pool at either of our houses. [I really hope this changes soon, haha!]. I guess we'll just enjoy the lake and the beach when we get the chance until they change their minds, lol. 

I'll admit that I'm not into necessarily swimming as much as I use to be, but I still love being near the water. It's just so relaxing to just enjoy the sunshine with your toes in the water. What could be better? 

Oh, did I mention that I LOVE sunsets?

                         I guess what IS better is a beautiful pink sunset over the crystal blue waters of a lake.

Just blissfully beautiful. ♥

By: Shanna | June 23, 2016

Happy Birthday, Silas! 

We've been SO busy that I haven't been able to post this... but on June 2nd, our sweet little nephew turned THREE! He LOVES the Hulk, so what better way to celebrate than a HULK birthday party?! My sister-in-law did an awesome job rounding up some HULK decorations and she had a sweet friend that made his cute shirt. He would NOT stand still very long for me to get a good picture, but I tried! I can't really blame him... with a bouncy house and water balloons - why in the world would a 3 year old WANT to take pictures for his aunt? Yeah, definitely didn't happen. 

Regardless, he had a BLAST at his party.. and that's what truly matters! :)

By: Shanna | May 20, 2016

This is what happens when you're an child-less photographer, but you're itching to take some photos in the wooded area beside your house after the rain has quit and the sun has popped back out.... your sweet pup has to model for you. Thank goodness he's a good sport about it. 

(and thank goodness he DOES knows the word "STAY")

I do have to admit... he's a pretty cute model ;) 

I mean, just look at his posing techniques ;) lol I love my sweet boy! 

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By: Shanna | May 17, 2016

Happy 30th Birthday to US!  

                                and Happy Mother's Day to my MOM! 

My mom has been wanting to take a little weekend trip with us for, basically EVER now. Since they couldn't celebrate our 30th birthdays with us the weekend on our actual birthdays the weekend before... mom decided she'd like us to go somewhere for the night the next weekend. This way, we celebrated Mother's Day as well. 

My mom and stepdad have been on a Cincinnati kick here lately. My husband and I would of probably chose to go to Nashville or Gatlinburg instead, but she was booking everything so it was her choice! The main thing she wanted to do was to go eat dinner at the Montgomery Inn Boathouse on the river. It was DELICIOUS to say the least. They even had a dessert that was extremely similar to the warm melting cake on a Carnival cruise (which is my FAVORITE!). I'd say we all had a wonderful dinner overlooking the river. 

I would of liked to have went to a Red's game, but the forecast kept calling for rain ALL day long. Do you know, it NEVER RAINED! I was a little disappointed as we could of done that while my parents hit up the casino. I've never been to a game but hopefully we'll make a point of it one day! It was still a great overnight trip with my parents! :) They're the best! 

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By: Shanna | April 22, 2016

So... ever since I got my camera for Christmas, I've known I would need to slowly add new lenses to my bag. On Tuesday, Best Buy was having a sale on one of the ones I'd been looking at the past month. The price + free shipping was like a dream come true!

Since my birthday is next week....  I figured it was a good enough reason to go ahead and buy it.. right? I kinda thought so... so, I bought it! It arrived on WEDNESDAY! Talk about QUICK. I was so stinkin' excited that I had to immediately play with it when I got home from work that afternoon.

What do you do when you have no kids, but you have an adorable long-haired dachshund?

Yes, you teach your pup how to "stay" and pose for you. Thank goodness he *sometimes* listens well. This time he did, although he was itching to run and chase a squirrel.... Poor Scooter. lol

We have some wildflowers growing in our yard that I figured would be gorgeous for pictures. 

I was right. ;)


By: Shanna | April 19, 2016

So, I * FINALLY * got Photoshop downloaded on my computer...

Yes, that sounds pitiful, but I honestly thought it cost a fortune that I did not have in order to have one of the best software programs out there. It isn't completely out of my grasp as I found out and I finally got it downloaded on my computer! I spent the entire weekend just "playing" with it and learning as much as I could about it. Last night after we got home from my sister-in-law's house, I had about an hour left before bed and decided I wanted to learn how to replace a blown out sky with a sky photo. After finding a tutorial and searching through a million sky photos to find one that would even remotely go with this photo of me and my husband from our trip to Gatlinburg last November, I spent the last little bit of my hour figuring out how to replace the sky and then playing with some tweaks that I've learned over the weekend.

It's definitely not perfect and I still have a LOT to learn, but I think it turned out pretty well for my first try! My goal this summer is to not only strive to finally reach my dream of having a small part-time business doing photography... but also to IMPROVE. I'm far from a professional, but I know that if I put my mind to it, I'll get there one day. I'm looking forward to learning more and growing in my photography this summer while it's beautiful and warm outside! 

By: Shanna | April 18, 2016

D & C Small Engines' Grand Opening!

Doug, my stepdad, has owned his lawn care business for a long time. He followed his dream not long after me and my mom moved to Kentucky - mowing and landscaping full-time. Since then, he has mowed all summer and began doing snow removal during the winters. A few years ago, he decided that he'd like to start another adventure: opening a small engine shop where they'd service lawnmowers,weed-eaters, and other small equipment. He finally opened his new business at the end of last year and business has really been booming since spring got here. They do repairs and servicing daily. They also sell different brands of mowers and weed-eaters, batteries, and parts you may need. If you need something that they don't have... they'll order it for you. It's a great business to get into and it's doing AWESOME so far! 

On Saturday, my parents had their GRAND OPENING of the new shop. The radio station come out and provided a free lunch made up of hamburgers and hot dogs. Sales reps from the brands he sells were on site to answer any questions. People were in and out all day long eating lunch, looking around, and registering for the free giveaway that we were having. 

Around 2 pm, Doug shook up the jar of names and drew two names to be given prizes. Ann Yeager won the Tanaka trimmer and Sam Adams won the Tanaka hand-held blower. Before we left for the day, the first mower left the premises in the hands of it's new owner, Tony Wilson! It was a great day and I know that my parent's new business will do just as amazing as their other businesses have done! 

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By: Shanna | March 28, 2016

He is Risen.

Yesterday, we celebrated Easter with our families. To me, it's not just a day full of candy and Easter egg hunts. It's a day to remember that our Savior, Jesus Christ, DIED for us. Our Lord, as wonderful and loving as He is, sent his only son to live and to die for US! Our sins are forgiven and we are able to live eternally with our Lord because His son LIVES

I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me, though he may die. He shall LIVE. 

- John 11:25

Can you imagine what it must of been like? The pain Jesus endured up there on that cross? The feeling of skin tearing and bones crushing as he was nailed to the cross and lifted up for all the people to see. He KNEW what his future held. He knew what he had been sent to this world to do. I'm so thankful to know that one day I can join our Heavenly Father in Heaven, because my sins are PAID FOR. 

As we rejoiced in knowing this, we also visited our families and spent quality time with them. We spent time with my family first. We ate, played a quick game, and celebrated my Mom's birthday a little early. (Her birthday is Thursday!) Even though the presents were all about her, she still managemed to sneak in an Easter basket for me, Jonathan, and Alison. I have the best mom! :)

Afterwards, we went over to his grandmother's and spent some time with his family. Silas and Sean were the only kids there this year and so they got to hunt all the Easter eggs by themselves! I think they enjoyed it. The weather was PERFECT for being outside. We had a great time! 

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