By: Shanna | May 31, 2017


Congratulations, Lynds! 

So, Lyndsey isn't just my friend - she's also my current co-worker, as well as a fellow fair board member & my second right hand with the pageants. I originally met her at the fair during her reign as Miss Boyle County several years ago... but I never really got to know her until I started my job a few years ago where she works part-time (now it's just until August!) I think she was just starting her sophomore year when I started.. and now she's an Eastern Kentucky University alumni with me! 

I've watched her grow and work her butt off over the past few years and she'll now become a teacher in the fall. Where did the time go?! She even recently landed her dream job - so she's super excited about that.. and I'm super proud of her! You go, girl! 

Now she's going to soon be leaving me at work... but she best not leave the fair board ;) 

Congrats, Lynds! Proud of you! 

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By: Shanna | May 23, 2017


congratulations.... you did it! 

I bet I know a girl that's super excited to have graduated from college a little over a week ago and is FINALLY starting to job hunt for her dream job in education. How exciting! I hope she finds her dream job close to home and that she loves it as much as she has hoped for! ♥

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By: Shanna | May 16, 2017


A few weeks ago, I got to travel over to my alma mater (Eastern Kentucky University) to take some graduation pictures for these two friends - Lyndsey & Briana! They majored in the same field [education] and became fast friends over the years. They even traveled the world together last year while studying abroad in Italy! We had so much doing all their pictures and I loved being back on my old campus! (They've changed it SO much!) It's BEAUTIFUL. I really enjoyed my years there. It really is a great college! 

I''m so excited for these girls! Of course, now the hard part comes for them - nailing down a job!! But, hopefully it won't be too hard and they'll both find their dream jobs quickly! :) 

 I'll do separate posts for their individual photos soon!

Cheers to new beginnings! Congratulations again, girls! 

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 & they're off to the next big adventure...